Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good News for Jake & Somewhat Poopy News for Jonah

Well the boys have turned 18 months!!! It's hard to believe that in only 6 months, we'll be celebrating the big 2. Oh boy x 2! It seems like only a few months ago we had babies. Now, we have full fledged crazy toddlers. And it's very exciting.

In the meantime, we had our 18 month appointment. The boys had no vaccines to get and Jake had the week off from getting his blood drawn for tests on his ITP condition SO we decided it might be a good time to get the flu shots. And right before we had that done, they needed Jonah to get his finger pricked so that they could do a quick blood scan. Since Jake had been having this done nearly every week for 3 months, he didn't have to have this checked at this appointment. Well, unfortunately, Jonah was just under what the Dr. considered normal for his Iron levels. :( His reading was 10.8 and the normal range mimimum is 11.1. So, we are now having to give Jonah a daily iron dose. Jonah will go back to the Dr. in a month to see if this has helped, and if so he won't have to stay on it but will have it re-checked at his 2yr appt.

The following week (this past week), Jake returned to his favorite friendly Hemotologist's office. Since it had been a 2 week hiatus, the Dr. wanted to see him instead of just getting labs. So, we did the usual awful blood draw which as you can guess makes Jake go bonkers screaming. We waited for about 10 minutes before the Dr. got there. She cracked open the door and said, "Guess's 33,000!" My jaw dropped and I was jumping up and down before I even realized what I was doing. I was so excited to see his count going from 10,000 to 33,000. That was news I had been hoping to hear for a loooong time. Now, this could obviously change and go back down, but we're very hopeful that it will continue to go up and we'll be back to normal soon.

Moving on from the medical hoopla, the boys are crazy talking! It seems like every day they say something new. It's really so awesome to hear them trying to say the words they've been hearing for so long. Jonah has gotten really good at "Thank You" which I love. He has the sweetest little munchkin voice too. Even when he says "NO" I have to stop from smiling because his voice is just so darn cute! And I love the way Jake says "dirty". It sounds like "du'dee" with a little almost swanky accent on it. He likes to tell us when his diaper is "du'dee" too. Jonah's new word of the week is "truck"...except his truck sounds like "chit" which you can imagine turned a few heads at first.

And thank God the summer is winding down. But we've had a fun time swimming these past few weeks at GG's house. Here are some cutie photos of recent swim days. Bye bye summer! And hello football season!!!!
The boys relaxing with Granddad on the swing after the pool.
And Ogden decided that he needed some cute photo ops too.
Jakie relaxing on GG's lap after swimmin'.
And Jojo chillin with mommy.

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