Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cute Photos/Lots To Do

So I haven't posted in a baaaadddd. We've been busy lately, but in a good way. So no Hemotologist appointment this week. I'm not looking forward to next week's visit since last week's SUCKED. It sickens me to the core that his count dropped again after we were SO hopeful that it would keep going up and we would be out of the woods. In other health news, we had to go to the Pediatrician this morning to check Jonah's was normal!!! Thank God. At least that is one of my kids who has some normal blood. Now if only Jake would catch up. :( We have been staying somewhat active lately. The weekend before last we went to see Aunt Lissa and her dog Oden do a demo at an SPCA activity in Plano. That was fun. Last weekend, we went to Plano Balloon Fest and Octoberfest. I'll post those photos soon.

Jake was SO excited to see his Aunt Lissa. He was trying to jump out of the seat he was strapped into so she could hold him. Super cute.

Jonah & Granddad
Aunt Lissa and Jake makin bubbles. OMG Jake was facinated by this.

Hey gorgeous!
Jonah got in on the action too.

Aunt Lissa talkin' shop and showing off her AWESOME pooch Oden. He was so funny because the grass was wet and he did NOT want to sit in it.

The next night my mom & dad & I took the boys to the kitchen table of Buca. It was fun! The boys love to watch me in the kitchen so I thought they would be fascinated by this spectacle.

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