Friday, April 24, 2009

Just Some Cute Photos

I just wanted to post some cute pics we've taken lately. :)

Sweet innocent look Jonah!

I love the hair Jakie!

Bath time is getting more hillarious every night!

Daddy bought us a guitar! Future band?

Daddy's getting ready for work!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update on our nearly 14th Month Olds

Ok, so I've been a BAD mommy not posting on my boys for so long. BUT, mommy's been a little busy lately. I've also had some big time computer issues. Yeah! That's not been our biggest concern though :(. For the past 2 1/2 weeks, our little cuties have had some tummy issues. They have had a very rough time and we finally got to see the doctor last week since we were told this should pass within 10 days...yeah, it didn't. Anyway, we are having some tests done so PLEASE say some prayers my little guys get over this stuff already!!!

In other news, we're trying SO hard to talk lately. Both boys say "Granddad" as clear as day. They said "dad" or "da-da" too. "Hi" is an oldie but goodie and is still usually said while holding some device or toy to their ear...smarties. (Is that a hint that mommy's on the phone too much!?) Jonah still says "BOP" all the time and it's hillarious. Jake started calling his brother, "Jo Jo" recently...which is his nickname. And he also said, "hi Dad" the other day. And one if not both say "GG" when grandma comes over. Who says "Mom"???? NO ONE!!! Yeah me. If it makes any difference, GG told me they don't have to say the word mom because I answer to "uhhh". Ha ha.

What I find adorable is that lately they mumble the same things over and over. Jake will say "do-da do-da do-da" a lot while Jonah, other than his "bop bop"s will say "jambi jambi". I don't know what any of it means but its so cute.

We're also recently for mom! The couch and chair are no match for Jake and Jojo lately. and the shutters are paying the price. Ugh. And our super yard that is around the tv is basically useless now. They know how to lean it over and still put their hands all over the electronic devices. Not good. And of course when you reprimand either of them they respond with smiles or giggles and then their brother mocks because it's an attention getter! Smart boys!

Another thing they've started to do which I actually like is they'll bring me things when I ask for them. If they pick up something off the floor that they're not really supposed to have, I say "can I have that please" and usually they'll just hand it to me. And today, I asked Jakie where his socks were (he likes to pull them off when he gets bored) and he looked at his bare feet instantly. I then asked him if he could bring me his socks...and he did. I was floored! I honestly did not expect him to understand the request but sure enough, he's smarter than I give him credit for. It makes me wonder what else he's picking up on. I better be on my best behavior with these super intelligent boys around.

Neal and I recently went to Ikea and picked the boys up a play tent. Boy has that been a crowd pleaser. See below!

And Neal got them a little bike that is still way too big for them but they seem to get a kick out of me and their Granddad pushing them around on it! Whee

And speaking of climbing....look what we can get up into ourselves. Hint Hint Mom!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Quad Experiment

What a lovely day it was yesterday. We went up to a nearby park with GG and Granddad to meet some other twin mommies and their twin boys. Only one showed up BUT as fate would have it, there were 2 other sets of twins there at the same time. I swear I am a twin magnet these days. We ALWAYS see twins when we are out. I love chatting with other twin parents and getting advice and just bonding over our unique situations. Now that it's getting warmer the boys are LOVING being outside. I'm trying to get them out of the house at least once a day. Sometimes they fuss when it's time to go back inside.

So here are some cutie pics of yesterday's outing with our friends Lucas and Jacob!