Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Winding Down

Let it be known...I HATE Texas summers. I'm soo super glad that this is the end of August. And, school started back up today! I said to my mom today...just think, in 4 years, I'll be escorting my precious little men into school for their first day. We both made a sad frown. :( I don't want to think about them growing up too soon.

Even though we are still on ITP alert and not allowed to do a lot of stuff, we've been trying to stay somewhat busy. Two todders in one house for too long= tiny house and cranky toddlers. So, we're doing what we can when we can which basically means play dates indoors and trips to GG's house.

Jake is still what the dr. termed "severe acute ITP". Last week was the same drill, up to 10,000. But she explained that in there books, there really wasn't any difference between 8k-12k. Those numbers fall within the margin for error and could mean the difference between one measly cell. Basically, what that means is that Jake really hasn't changed his status for the last 7 weeks. He is still covered with bruises and petechiae (tiny red spots on the body caused by a minor hemorrhage).
The last time we were at the dr. (one week ago) she told us that she wanted to give Jake a week off so she would see him in 2 weeks. This made me both relieved and nervous. I was relieved because Jake is sooo aware of what goes on in that office and starts to freak out as soon as he sees the nurse. THAT SUCKS for mommy to know her baby is aware that he's about to be in pain. I was nervous because obviously we're not going to see the dr and/or get blood tested. So I have to live a week not knowing if he's gotten any better. I'm SO over this crap already, but I know that this could last up to 6 months or even longer. UGH!
But, we keep praying multiple times a day for healing. And I know Jake isn't in much pain over this (besides bruises and getting poked by needles to draw blood) which I am so thankful for. There are many things to be thankful for and sometimes it takes something bad to remind you of all the good.

Speaking of good, the amount of chatting that is going on in this house is absolutely astounding. Every day these guys repeat something new someone will have said. They are just carrying on complete sentences and conversations of baby talk...and sometimes it actually even makes some sense. It is ADORABLE to hear their sweet high pitched little voices just carry on as if they are speaking the same language. And I know they actually understand more and more what we're saying to them. They say these words a lot: momma, dada, GG, granddad, aa'lo (aunt lo), doggie, melmo (elmo), dirty, no-no, narni (Jonah's word for Noah), bath, no-mo' (no more), car, hi, bye-bye, gee-dow (get down), moo, quack and probably a few others I'm forgetting. We're still signing too. I've taught them to use the sign for Thank You and they've turned it into something like a kiss goodbye but with a different sound. A kiss goodbye sounds like, "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuah" and a thank you goes more like "ba". Big difference there. Jake uses Thank You a lot. Jonah is a work in progress but every now and then he'll suprise us.

Speaking of Jonah...he is becoming a little obsessed with "melmo" or Elmo. It's pretty darn cute but I hope it doesn't get any more obsessive than it is right now. He wants to walk around all day with his talking Elmo. He and I sat watching Melmo videos on YouTube the other night before bed and after each one ended, he would just give me the sign for "more". Super cute.
And Jonah and his GG....ugh, a whoooole other obsession. He is just in complete love of his GG more than ever before. It's great, until I come home from being out for a little while and he looks at me, runs past me and points at the door yelling "GG?" over and over. Hello! Mommy's home! No..."GG?" "GG?" "GG?". She just started this thing with him too where she rubs his back, man Jonah goes into this trance. He just has this "ooooooh yeeeaaaaahhh" look on his face. And the other day GG actually put him to sleep with her hypnotic back rubs. Apparently I'm not as awesome as GG. Oh well, she's pretty great!

Shopping for our Organic fruits. The guys don't mind grocery shopping with mom. Thanks!
Our recent playdate with the York Twins! We looove our Hayden & Ella.
Another recently playdate with the Colbrie-Fisher Family. Thank you Jake, Luke, Maddy & Lilly:)

The York Twins playin in our priate ship!

The guys at the park with Aa-Lo. It was hot!

The water hose at GG's seems even more appealing to the dudes then her amazing pool!
Sharing is sweet!
Ah HA! Gotcha! Does this face say guilty or what?

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