Saturday, October 24, 2009


THANK YOU GOD!!!!! We have wonderful news! Jake's platelet count this week was 302,000. That number is beyond normal. It's so much higher than we were even praying for. Normal platelets counts are between 150,000 and 400,000. The last time we were in there (3 weeks ago) he was at 21,000. So, this was such a shock that even his Dr. personally called us. She was thrilled. So, now we'll go once a month for the next 3 months and if his count remails normal, then we'll be discharged. Ahhhhh.....for the first time in a long time, I felt like I could breathe. I had two healthy baby boys again. It's just awesome!

So, to celebrate, I have been very active with my little monsters lately. Jake seems to notice his health as well. He's been even more busy, more agressive, more all over the place. It's like he feels normal and it shows. For starters, I took the boys to the mall by myself this week and we actually attempted to have Chick Fil A in the food court. It's the first time I've taken them to eat without another adult. It wasn't bad at all! You did so good guys :). And of course I got lots of, "ahhhh!" from passerbys. I know, they're pretty cute.

And this Friday, we went to our church's fall festival. It was very packed with lots of people and stuff to do...but mostly for bigger kids. But, we still had fun dressing the boys up and letting them loose. I found these ADORABLE outfits online. I wanted something that wasn't hot or too bulky or had a headpiece. And I also wanted them to coordinate but I didn't want them to match exactly. So, I found these perfectly made NASA space suits. And they love them. You can tell they are aware that they're a big deal when they've worn them. They just light up.

Jojo, Aa-Lo and Granddad (he's such a Granddaddy's bud!)

GG and her Jakey

My boys n me on the Fire Truck!

Jake was a little fascinated at all the gear on the truck.

Jojo and Granddad bounching on the Moonwalk...get it!

Takin' a breather

The sisters n the brothers.

Seriously, could you guys BE any cuter?

And today, we took in the airshow at Alliance airport. I took the boys because they've become VERY interested in all things that transport....planes, choppers, trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc. Plus, the Blue Angels were there and well, I LOVE them! My uncle was a pilot in the BA for 2 years and I feel like I have a minor connection to them, which makes me feel very proud and honored. And they're a-m-a-z-i-n-g so there. But the big poopy of the day was the fact that we didn't get to see them. The show was running behind and we just couldn't wait any longer. We were too tired and it was getting a little too warm outside. Oh well, someday in the future, we're there! But, in general, we had a great time. The boys really light up watchin the acrobatic planes dance all over the sky. Good times!

Jojo & Jakey in a military chopper. Cool!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Flu...Ugh

We haven't posted lately because life has been busy and Jake got the flu! And, I tried as hard as I could but those boys could not stop swaping their sippys...or rather, one or both couldn't not steal his brother's sippy. So, just as Jake started to feel better, well, now it's Jonah's turn!!!! Oh, it's been fun. And, THANK YOU GOD, that I have not been ill yet. But it all started right as Neal was leaving for a trip. Perfect timing as usual. I've been trying hard to get them busy and out of the house because the weather has been faaabulous lately. With this lousy flu though, we have just had to put everything on hold. And I know the boys are going stir crazy with cabin am I.
Not much else is going on as far as news. They are busy busy still trying to chatter away. Jonah said, "I love you" the other day which was just so darn cute I almost cried. They're both just so clever and busy. And the flu has had them very mommy clingy. That has been hard on me because I want so badly to be able to hold and comfort them both but they just get their poor feelings hurt when I'm spending some time with one and not the other.
Here are the only photos I've been able to catch lately. Due to this crud we haven't really had some good photo ops. We'll try harder!
The boys got a new table to play and eat on. The high chairs are OUT!
Tables are awesome.
This is our fake smile.
Breakfast with our gal pal Reece pre flu.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

19 Months!

Yesterday we were officially 19 months. It seems like the last month flew by. I should have posted sooner, but the weekend before last we went to the Plano Balloon Festival and Octoberfest. It was a busy weekend! We had fun and the weather remained somewhat cooperative, so that was a pleasant change. I have posted the photos below from the outings.

In other news...I took the boys to their Mother's Day Out today and NO ONE CRIED!!!! That was such a big deal for me. It has been difficult to leave them there while they're (or mainly just one) is crying. But we apparently had a good day! The boys have been bringing home some really cute art projects that just make me smile. I know someday I'm going to look back at them and probably cry because they're growing up so fast. :)

Yesterday, we had our 2 week Hemotogist appointment. Jake was a big boy but he still hasn't gotten to the point where he's ok with getting his blood taken. That's rough, but the rest isn't so bad. Our count was 21,000. I wasn't exactly thrilled at the tiny bump up, but I have to remember that it's still up...which is exactly what we need. But, we still need prayers. But until we're out of the woods, we're going to continue to take it easy and try to enjoy this fantastic fall weather! Yeah!

The boys eating their dinner at the Plano Balloon Fest
The boys got assulted by some Hooters girls with stickers! Awful...;)

Me n Neal
The boys with GG at Octoberfest.
Yes, that's milk in those sippys!
Jake was high fiving a new friend who was seated next to us. Friendly guy!
Jojo & his Grand-dad
Stinker face!

Oh and I forgot to mention Jonah's recent fascination with airplanes. He can barely say the word, but they've become a favorite toy for him. He often points to them in the sky and tries to say airplane but it comes out more like, "au-ju!"

Maybe Jojo's going to follow in daddy's footsteps someday...??

Picnic dinner at Plano Balloon Fest.