Friday, September 11, 2009

"Melmo's" World & Mom's Day Out

This week has been a busy one! Neal left Tuesday so it's been pretty much me n the boys for most of the week. Wednesday we started our Mom's Day Out program! The boys will be going to a 2-day a week 5 hour Christian based pre-school which should hopefully be LOTS of fun once we get past the initial freak outs. I was more of a basket case getting everything ready for them from nap mats to snacks, sippys, lunches, extra clothes, diapers, was like we were packing for a road trip. The boys did good! They get a daily report card that basically told me Jake was a little sad but mostly happy and a great eater (btw, totally surprised me how much he flipped out...that's usually Jojo's job). The report card said Jonah didn't even cry. Crazy!

Oh and I made them some homemade blueberry pancakes for breakfast and didn't realize that Jake had big blue spots on his shirt until we were in the car. Opps!

First Day of School Breakfast

Jake wasn't having it obviously.

This morning I took the boys to an open house at My Gym because ELMO was there! It was BA-ZURK with the amount of people there. I could barely keep up with them. But it was cute...until we sat on Elmo's lap. YIKES! And of course, as always, a few of our twin friends were there.
Here we are at arrival, taking shoes off and checking out the scene.

Jake got a little adventurous in the ball pit. This was about the farthest I let him get away from me.

Eventually, the staff had everyone sit in a "circle" (more like massive ameoba) to welcome Elmo. The couple in front of us are fellow PAMOM-ers with their twin gals. And the two boys playing with the big balls are also twins, whose mother is in PAMOM. And our twin-buds Jacob & Lucas were there with their mom n dad.

Hi Elmo!

This wasn't even everyone in this shot. C-r-a-z-y

I sat the boys on some elevated mats so we could see over everyone. They were a little in awe of the whole spectacle.
And here's the most classic photo of all! Ah, fun times. Sorry Elmo, they really do love you!

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