Wednesday, January 28, 2009

11 Months old!!!

Ok seriously, I love where the boys are now...but what happened to my little babies!?!?! I don't know where the time has gone. It seems like just a couple of months ago I was in the hospital with two brand new infants and just in awe of them. I think since I wasn't blogging until several months post their homecoming that I will post my birthstory on their bday. I'm so excited to be planning their first birthday. I realize how lucky I am to have made it through our first year of life. What a wonderful gift my two babies are and how awesome is motherhood! I just love being a mom even more than I could have dreamed. And I had no idea how simply wonderful it would be to have twins. Most people's eyes bug out when I say I have twins but honestly, I wouldn't trade it for anything. True, it was hard at first with two infants, but in all honesty, the experience of having two faces light up when you walk into their room in the morning and hearing them giggle as they chase eachother and the kisses and the snuggles is just so worth all the hardships. Can you tell that I'm in love with my kids!!! I even miss them when they go to bed.

Jake: My sweet first born is definately the best bottle eater. He is very focused and enthusiastic when it comes to his baba. However, eating solids is another issue. He is my picky guy. He will let you feed him a few bits and then...the head shake. And sometimes he slaps food if he gets really frustrated. I have a feeling that he's got a bit of a sweet tooth. At our last twins mom meeting we had a baby sign language expert so I started with the sign for water. Jake was the first one to tell me that he wanted his sippy cup which was very impressive. I would say that his favorite toy right now is a little toy electric keyboard. He walks around playing that a lot. And I'm not sure if it's an accident but he keeps kicking some bouncy balls around the kitchen floor so I wonder if he'll be a soccer player. He's become quite the snuggle bug lately. He will crawl up into someone's lap and just lay his head on your chest. It's so sweet. He says "DA" a lot. I'm pretty sure that means Dad. I think he calls his grandpa "daa-da"...which actually sounds like how you would say grandpa. Let's see what else...Jake has always been mischevious but at least he listens to me sometimes. I really appreciate that he seems to stop what he's doing when I say his name sternly. Jake loves to dance and he makes the funniest farty noise with his mouth...all the time. Jake is very daring, has no fear and often has bumpies on his head, poor thing. I hate to hear him cry. He seems to get easily frustrated and has a bit of a temper already. When he's not happy about someting, he will definately lay it on a little thick sometimes. But I think it's just that he has a sensative heart. I adore my Jakie.

Jonah: My precious baby is also great! For starters he really seems to hate his bottle. It is a struggle to have him finish all bottles but the first of the day. However, he is suuuuper with solids. He really seems to love the fact that he's trying new foods these days and gets very vocal when I don't feed him quickly enough. He also got the sign for water down but I don't think he's yet figured out how to use it to tell me when he's thirsty. Instead, he shows me the sign when I say water...a work in progress. His favorite toy right now is probably anything round. He has a ball in his hand a lot. And Jonah was the first to figure out that some balls can fit into round holes. I was very impressed with him the first time I saw him put a ball into a toy. And it was even cuter when he tried to put a huge ball into that same could see the wheels in his head turning so to speak! Jonah says "BA" and "BOP" and "MAA" a lot. I love mornings when he wakes's all "BOP BOP BOP" coming out of him. Adorable. My JoJo is definately a little stinker! He's everywhere he shouldn't be and heads straight for what he shouldn't have his hands on. And the word "NO" to him is either something to ignore or just laugh at. He makes up his own rules, my little defiant one. If you have seen my previous videos, you'll know about Jonah's hysterical high pitched scream. Well, he hasn't lost it! It is so loud sometimes that we joke about glass breaking. And he still has this heartbreaking cry that makes your heart just sink, not to mention this big bottom lip! He has a great laugh too and he has giggled up a storm the last 2 nights at his brother chasing him around the kitchen. I adore my Jonah!

And here's some cute photos with Daddy. Who does Jake look like??? ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Long awaited update

It's been too long since I've been able to post due to some unfortunate computer issues. Oh well...on to bigger and better. I have amazing children and they have amazed me every day. Lately though has been so exciting. My babies are communicating more than ever. About a week ago, Jonah started to do Patty-Cake on his own. I was FLOORED the first time he did it. Jacob is also doing Patty-Cake and the little cutie is also shaking his head when he is done eating. How did he know what that meant? The other day he started dancing when he was holding his Grandpa's cell phone and it started ringing to some sort of techno ringtone. And then yesterday, I'm pretty sure that he even started singing to some music playing. Once again...I didn't know what to say...where do they get this from? How do they know to instictively dance to music or sing to a melody or that patty-cake is something that they can do on their own? It seems to come from out of's like one day it just clicks...or have they known how to do it all along and just not been capable of doing it? I don't know but I do know that it is just awesome to watch and that I have very gifted children. :) :)

Oh and just a side note: Jake's dance is know by his aunt as "the riverdance". I'm sure that gives you some idea of how hillarious and adorable it is to watch his little feet go crazy!

And finally, please say prayers for another mom in my multiples group. One of her sweet teeny tiny baby quads isn't doing well and needs lots of prayers for Preston King and specifically for his failing kidneys.