Thursday, October 1, 2009

19 Months!

Yesterday we were officially 19 months. It seems like the last month flew by. I should have posted sooner, but the weekend before last we went to the Plano Balloon Festival and Octoberfest. It was a busy weekend! We had fun and the weather remained somewhat cooperative, so that was a pleasant change. I have posted the photos below from the outings.

In other news...I took the boys to their Mother's Day Out today and NO ONE CRIED!!!! That was such a big deal for me. It has been difficult to leave them there while they're (or mainly just one) is crying. But we apparently had a good day! The boys have been bringing home some really cute art projects that just make me smile. I know someday I'm going to look back at them and probably cry because they're growing up so fast. :)

Yesterday, we had our 2 week Hemotogist appointment. Jake was a big boy but he still hasn't gotten to the point where he's ok with getting his blood taken. That's rough, but the rest isn't so bad. Our count was 21,000. I wasn't exactly thrilled at the tiny bump up, but I have to remember that it's still up...which is exactly what we need. But, we still need prayers. But until we're out of the woods, we're going to continue to take it easy and try to enjoy this fantastic fall weather! Yeah!

The boys eating their dinner at the Plano Balloon Fest
The boys got assulted by some Hooters girls with stickers! Awful...;)

Me n Neal
The boys with GG at Octoberfest.
Yes, that's milk in those sippys!
Jake was high fiving a new friend who was seated next to us. Friendly guy!
Jojo & his Grand-dad
Stinker face!

Oh and I forgot to mention Jonah's recent fascination with airplanes. He can barely say the word, but they've become a favorite toy for him. He often points to them in the sky and tries to say airplane but it comes out more like, "au-ju!"

Maybe Jojo's going to follow in daddy's footsteps someday...??

Picnic dinner at Plano Balloon Fest.

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