Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cookies, Aunt Lissa and of course, Trucks!

The last week has been a little tough for us. The boys, as always, shared a looovely bug. Jonah was first and ran a fever about a week ago. Then, on Saturday, Jake woke with the same crud. He ended up having a much rougher time with it too, running a fever of 103.8 on Saturday night. Poor guy! Thankfully, my parents (GG and Granddad) were here to help soothe the ickies away.

Somewhere between Jonah getting better and Jake getting sick, we made some christmas cookies! Aunt Lo was here to help eat them (thankfully) and we were glad to see her again.

Aunt Lissa was able to stop by this weekend and she gave the boys their first Christmas presents. The other presents will pale in comparison to the mighty Monster Trucks. The boys love everything and anything that is considered a transportation device...trucks, airplanes, trains, helicopters, tractors, motorcycles, buses, cars, bicycles, fire trucks, ambulances, etc. And, of course the bigger, the better. So Monster Trucks are the cooooolest. In fact, this is one of the boys FAVorite shows we let them watch:

And so when the guys opened their presents...of course, they looooved them. In fact, today is Tuesday and they still are rarely seen without one of their monster trucks in hand(s). :)

So Thank you Aunt Lissa!!! And Thank you Uncle Jimmy!!! We loooove our trucks. :) :)

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