Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Updates and Photos

We had our (what was supposed to be) last appointment at Children's Hospital today to get Jake's blood checked out. His count is 147,000, which is considered normal...still. Yeah!!!! The nurse did mention that his pediatric hemotologist did want to see him but we're not exactly sure why, so we're going to look in to that further. But, this is still great news that he is normal. Thank you God!

I took some photos of the boys on my phone while we were there. Jake did sooo good getting his blood drawn. And he was so darn cute. When he finally got the bandage off his finger, which he hated, he said through whining, "there ya go". Ha...sweet Jakie!

And last weekend we had family photos made. It was kind of thrown together at the last minute but the photos turned out better than I had anticipated. And the boys did great! The photographer even said they looked into the camera more than any other toddlers had for her. I think they're born covermodels! How could they not be, check these out!!


F-C Family said...

Those pictures are amazing! Who was the photographer? The boys are looking so grown and handsome!

I'm glad Jake's count is still normal, yay! What a trooper he is!

Murray Family said...

So glad to hear that Jake is doing well! That is amazing news!!

The pictures are just beautiful and how u got those boys to pose like that i will never know! lol

love u guys and merry christmas!