Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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I know it's been a while. SORRY! Let me update on Jake. Last Tuesdsay (1 week ago today) we went in and got blood tested as usual. I should have suspected something when it was 2pm and I still hadn't heard back from them. I finally called up there with a "hello, what's up with Jake?" call...and the nurse finally let me know that Jake's platelet count had dropped yet again down to 8,000. I was floored as I was SURE it was on its way up. We had such a fun day that day and Jake's bruises looked better...I felt so confident. We were told by the nurse that the doctor wants to see him the following week.

SO, fast forward to today. We saw the doctor and got tested again. He was up to 9,000 (which in my book was no change). Again, dissappointed. The dr. began discussing when to make the call to take action. Again, I felt more dissappointment because why would I want to put Jake through something that could cause him additional health risks only for a temporary fix of his platelet count. These treatments are simply bandaids and unless his body was recovering from this, any interaction on our part would be short-lived. So, we're still waiting...frustratedly.

Neal did make a point of adding that this is the first week that he's actually been up...at all. And even though it's barely up, I guess it is a silver lining. But since we've been diagnosed with under 10k, our dr. said all activity related events/outings/play dates need to be put on hold. SO, we haven't done much lately. We did have a play date at our house with our buddy twins Jacob & Lucas. Yeah! And hopefully, we will get together with the York Twins again soon too ('cause we love our Ella & Hayden too). Other than that, we're having to keep Jake at a minimum because being under 10k platelets leaves us very suspetible to HUGE problems should he even fall down hard. It sucks...but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Since we haven't done much, I don't have a lot of photos but I do have some of when we took daddy to lunch at Chucky Cheese on HIS birthday last month. ;) They had fun!

Jake was ALL OVER this 3 wheeler!

You thought I was kidding...the boy loved the big wheel!

Jonah stuck with a truck, like his daddy!

"Hey...how you doin'?"

Jake getting out some aggression on baby Wack A Mole!
The dudes eatin pizza! MMmmmm

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F-C Family said...

I hope Jake's platelet count continues to go up, I will be praying for you!
We hope to see you again soon, as soon as your Dr gives the ok for more play dates.