Thursday, May 14, 2009

Updates and photos

I know during my last blog, I posted a photo of our recent play date with 3 other sets of twin boys. However, I thought I would share the rest of the photos as it was just so cute to see all these babies playing together! All of these babies' mothers are in PAMOM and although I live nowhere near these ladies, I thought it was worth the hike to get the guys out of the house. I try to get them out at least once a day, even if it's to the store. This house just gets too small for all of us to be cooped up all day. Plus, it's amazing that they have SO many toys and after they play with them a few times, they are so bored! Most days are spent finding new pots and pans to bang on!
Run Jakie Run!
Look! Babies that stay in one spot!!!

I also must comment on the fact that my children's brains seem to grow leaps and bounds every single day. Their vocabulary is ever expanding...yet still no one has mastered "mom." Jonah has stared almost making sentences lately. He says, "Whassat" ALL THE TIME as he points at something. It is amazing! The other day we were getting ready to leave and I had 3 out of their 4 shoes. I kept saying, "we need to find a shoe guys, we're missing one shoe" while I looked under couches and in toy baskets. Then a few minutes later, while I was changing Jake's diaper, here comes super-smart Jonah with the missing shoe in hand. I just stood their with my mouth open for a few did he know what I was saying? And these days, it seems like he says hi to everyone. OH, and let's not forget our furry friends. Jonah (and sometimes Jake) greets them all with a finger pointing and a "woo woo" which I translate to mean "woof".
And Jake seems to understand just as much. He likes to take the shoes off the shoe rack but when I ask him to put them back, he does. And if I ask him to hand me something that's on the floor, 9 times out of 10, I'll have it within seconds. Unbelievable! Of course sometimes, he'll run from me when I ask, but most of the time he decides to be sweet. I'm asking him to give mommy back her phone for the 100th time that day. Thank you Jakie!

And it's so cute when GG or Granddad calls because as soon as I say "Hi GG" or "Hi Granddad"...echos usually follow. Super cute! And one of THE most adorable things ever that my kids are recently doing is helping mommy clean! It feels like I'm cleaning ALL the live long day. And apparently, the twins think so too. So, they've decided to pitch in. Anytime Jake has a cloth, napkin or wet wipe at his reach, he will bend over and use it to wipe the floor or carpet. He watched me mop the other day and then took the liberty of helping me swifer afterwards. And then Jonah has started adding a "hmmmm" sound when he he's vaccuming. Ugh, so precious! A couple of days ago, they both ran their small toys along the carpet with the "hmmm" sound...which I think meant they were using the dustbuster. Ha! And, of course there's helping mommy with the laundry. My boys are SO helpful!
I couldn't turn this one but here's Jonah vaccuming. (And yes, it was a "no pants" friday afternoon)

And last night as the boys were getting ready for bed and doing the opposite of cleaning in their nursery, they decided that it was time to tell daddy who was boss around here. A wrestling fest broke out...and daddy didn't win. Hee hee.

But the most helpful thing they're doing lately is saving mom's back! The boys have figured out how to crawl down the stairs backwards so I don't have to carry 40+ pounds of baby up and down the stairs! It does make me nervous, but mostly appreciative. Jake has quickly mastered it and although you can't tell from this video, he'll flip his legs up and slide down on his belly...and boy is he fast. His GG and Aunt caught him doing this for the first time the other day and burst out laughing at his skills.

It's an exciting time in our lives, but boy does it wear me out! I am constantly on guard with these boys and I honestly don't feel like 2 eyeballs is enough. I have to watch them all the time, which as anyone knows is almost impossible with 2. Jake has learned how to open doors and mommy not only has less of a way to confine the boys when necessary, she can't even go to the restroom without company. They are soooo busy learning and touching and doing and jumping and running. They're having a blast but their attention span is super short and they're so fast that it's a challenge for me to even empty the dishwasher anymore without someone running off with a fork. Eeek! I love where they are in their development but I must makes for one tired momma come bedtime. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. Love my boys!

And for my praying friends, would you mind asking the Big Guy to help find my parents some jobs! Both have been laid off and it's a hard time to be looking for a job these days. Thanks in advance.

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Way to go with the stairs!

I'm sorry to hear about your parents, I hope they find new jobs soon.