Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am so blessed!

Recently I came upon an icon on one of the blogs I follow. It showed a tiny little arm that was just engulfed by her father's wedding ring. It said, "Please Pray For Kayleigh". I have seen this icon on occasion and the other day, I decided to see if this was a feel good story. The other day, it was a bad day and I've been intrigued to follow since then. I decided to check on her again tonight. Well, all I can say is that I am a pool of blubber right now. This sweet little girl who was born 12 weeks early weighing 1 lb and going through a string of over 200 medical procedures (including being the youngest person ever to undergo open heart surgery) lost her fight for life this week. Her parents are UNBELIEVABLY strong Christians and their faith is one of the strongest I've ever seen. Even in their suffering they are delighting in their gift from God and know that each day brings them closer to seeing their little girl in Heaven again.

This makes me think about my precious friend Allison. She and I met online and were both carrying twins when we decided to buddy up. Our due dates were within days. We became very close, emailing as if we were on instant message about our aches and pains. We both found out we were carrying boys around the same time. Our stories were so parallel. Then, at 25 weeks, Allison was in a car accident on the way home and both boys did not survive. Even though I have never met this woman in person, when I found out...I was a wreck. She and I are still close and this Mother's Day was a happy day for her as she was able to hug and kiss her newborn, Henry.

Hearing about and reading these stories makes me feel so ridiculously blessed. I have amazing, wonderfully healthy baby boys. And I don't know why God chose me for this journey but I will GLADLY hold on tight and enjoy this ride. I know that each day is a gift for me to wake up from the sounds of not one but two little cries. I try not to complain when I have to get out of bed to rock someone back to sleep because I know some people don't have that privilege. I don't even mind it when someone poops on the floor (Jake). I just try to laugh it off and enjoy the fact that I have this cute story to tell.

So, my point is, I'm a grateful mother. I'm so glad that I have twin boys. They fill my heart with more love than I even knew was possible. And I thank God for them and the family around me helping to raise them. I'm not sure why some children are only here to bless our lives for a short while, but it's not for me to know right now. The ony thing I need to know is that God only gives us what we can handle. And he is ALWAYS here for us to lean on. And although I thought he took the day off when I found out that I was carrying 2 babies, I know now that He chose to bless me on that day...even though I had no idea it was really what I always wanted. So tonight I will pray for Kayleigh's family and I will praise Him for her time here with her family and I will also say a thank you for Allison's bundle of joy as well as my two monkeys. And tomorrow I will kiss my boys 150 more times that I already do.

Aunt Lissa and the awesome Odin in our tent!

This was after we got back from our Mother's Day lunch. It was just a cute shot.

Jonah is chewing on his straw as Aunt Lo and I are trying to clean up the mess the boys made on the floor of the restaurant.

And Monkey See Monkey Do these days!

And last week we had a play date with 3 other sets of twin boys! 8 babies total!!

Jake is a ham these days as you can see. There is no piece of furniture or obstacle that these boys can't tackle anymore...I'm in trouble!


F-C Family said...

Beautiful post! I came across Kayleigh's story awhile ago and I'm heartbroken for the family. It is so sad! The family seem so amazingly strong though.
I'm happy to hear your friend Allison had a baby! What happened to her was also heartbreaking. I hope they're doing well!

What a cute video of the boys! Mine are climbers as well but thankfully haven't mastered the sofa yet. They will soon I'm sure and I will be in trouble :).

We hope to see you next week!

The Williams Family said...

Kayleigh's story has melted my hear as well! I have been following it for a while now, so I was just devastated when I read their post about her passing. It got me thinking twice when I found myself getting frustrated with my little ones. Even though you don't meet a lot of these fellow bloggers, you still feel that connection. It's because you are putting your most precious moments out there for the world to see. Great post!