Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We have a giveaway for our followers!

Hey guys and gals! You know how much we love and cherish our friends and family, right!! And, in honor of oh, I dunno, the birthday, St. Patty's Day, Easter...we're celebrating!!!!

For all of our blog follower friends, www.allmodernbaby.com is sponsoring this fun project. Please, check them out. They have TONS of great eco-friendly, baby-friendly, mommy-friendly stuff! I gotta tell you, I had a hard time choosing which item I would love to give away. They REALLY do have some cool stuff that you don't see everyday at very reasonable prices.

Check out their other options for kids bedding! They have lots of really cute stuff in kids bedding for your older kiddos too! And I HAVE to figure out a way to get a pair of these ADORABLE fire truck bed! And if you're into choosing more eco friendly and non-toxic choices for your family, they have a big Go Green section too! And while you're at it, take a glance at these Argington Babylon Toddler High Chairs, they are adjustable and WICKED cute! Man, I wish I could get my hands on 2 of these babies ;) ;). Ok, before I ramble on and on and their cute stuff, here's the prize for one lucky follower...because I believe in reducing our babies' exposure to toxins more than I can relay, and because I'm a twin mom, I choose THESE!!!

The bloom Alma Organic Fitted Crib Sheet (Set of 2)

These sheets are:
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Unbleached and un-dyed natural cotton color
  • Safe sleeping surface for baby
  • 300 thread count
  • 2 fitted sheets per pack
  • Available in Coconut White and Natural Wheat
And besides being organic, the best part is that there are TWO!!! They come in a set...a twin mom's dream ;). And, the winner gets to choose the color. So, as long as you're a follower of my blog, you're in the running! We'll choose the winner on Friday, April 2nd...because April fools day is just too strange of a day to tell someone they won something. ;) Good luck! And thank you www.allmodernbaby.com for loving Cutest Twins Ever!!


Anna said...

Very cool Shannon!
Congrats on a baby cousin! Is it one of your sisters expecting or someone on Neil's side of the family?


Cutest Twins Ever said...
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Anna said...
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