Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just because I love you

I've been reading/hearing about 2 young sweet girls lately that have been diagnosed with illnesses that they cannot possibly recover from unless by some miracle of God. It breaks my heart over and over when I hear new updates or see new photos of these precious little girls. Ugh, I've actually been very upset tonight about one of them in particular who didn't even wake up today despite being moved around, diaper changes and her mother reading to her. How incredibly saddening that must be to live that every day. To see your sweet baby girl and hold her knowing that your time with her is about to be a sweet blissful memory is something that I cannot being to fathom, but nonetheless, as a mother, it makes me ache for them as I try to imagine how they find the strength.

To have healthy children is merely a gift from God, not a promise. It is a blessing that I hope that I never take for granted. As a mother, as soon as we know that we are carrying new life, ours are never the same. Our hearts grow in immeasurable ways that is simply indescribable. The love outpouring is beyond comprehension. The desire to take all the hurt and pain away from our little ones is instantaeous and unwaivering. I have not the slightest inclination into what the parents of sick children must endure but lately I have begun to think of them more. And for them, I become a more grateful mother. I have been praying for more patience and wisdom so that I can be a better mother. My children are healthy and that is not just their but MY gift as well. I must use that gift well, and I must make the most of it!

So, thank you, parents, for sharing your stories and my prayers are with you daily. And thank you to God for the health of my children and Neal and me. May I use the blessing of health to honor and glorify you! Thank you for showing me that every person's story has meaning and that even the smallest, the youngest and the meakest can show me the greatest of lessons in life!

And just because I love you, I thought I would share some cute photos.

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