Saturday, January 30, 2010

23 months and counting!

I feel like a bad mommy blogger these days. I have been a buuuusy gal between CAUSE and the boys and some research I'm doing for a future interest which I will hopefully be able to blabber on and on about very soon! In the middle of all of that, we've had some lousy weather, Neal's crazy schedule and bouts of illness. Whee!

The dudes are doing very well, despite some runny noses, coughing and boredom of being trapped indoors for so long. They are, as always, very very busy with testing mommy and advancing their verbal skills. Jonah seems interested in his ABC's lately, and I have yet to get him to include any other letters besides ABC's but it's a start. And counting doesn't go past 2 for either of the boys. Everyday, they learn a new word or phrase. Yesterday, we added "Go Away!" to this list. Ugh. Jake seems to be a consumate echo. He just repeats everything! And the jibber jabber back and forth between them at times is SOOOO Adorable! Sometimes they are SOO sweet to each other, bringing the other one his favorite blanket or (in Jake's case) stuffed dog. And, other times it is biting, pushing, hitting, throwing, etc. I suppose that is the case for all siblings though.

I cannot believe that we are about to start planning our 2nd bday party! It's just not possible that it can be 2 years from the day they were born. No way! I love you boys!

Here's Jonah eating out. We are more stir crazy these days waiting on the meal to arrive so we have to come prepared with anything that has wheels!

And Jake, same story. Interesting how they're giving me the same look. Ha

Neal took this photo of me and the boys in their classroom before the teachers arrived one morning. The guys LOVE school and I enjoy a little quiet work time!

Neal & I took the boys to the mall last week for some getting out of the house time. Jonah was having fun with mom's sunglasses while we waited on our lunch to arrive. Cutie!

Here's a really cute photo of the York twins and the boys on a playdate around christmas time.

I love this video. I was cooking and kept hearing a smacking sound to find the boys spontaneously giving each other kisses! Ugh, sooo cute!

I took this this morning. They are in LOVE with firetrucks and were paying tribute. Smarties!

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