Sunday, November 1, 2009

Too many cute photos

My boys were the cutest astronauts ever! I was so glad I found these costumes. They fit them perfectly and you could tell they loved wearing them. I think we may just have to find a reason to play with them again sometime in the near future.

Friday mom and I took the boys to a PAMOM costume party at the mall. Wheee! Lots of twins and triplets all dressed up in their cute outfits.
We started out in the play area, then had a parade and then stopped for cute photo ops.

Jojo looks like such a big boy here.

The boys with one of the Melker Triplets.

Busy boys.

Then, of course it was lunch time!
"GG, it's time to put the camera d-o-w-n."

So...a couple of weeks ago, I turned another year older. See my excitement:
Anyway, the boys threw me a lil surprise party with my fav Italian take-out. As you can see, Jake liked the pizza.

And Jojo was all over the chicken parm. Yum!

Party Jakie!

And Jonah is clearly in party mode (yes, that glass is empty).

After all the sickness and the rain, we FINALLY made it to the Pumpkin Patch. It was a soggy mess and there were hardly any pumpkins left, but we managed to try to have a good time. Jonah tried to pick up the pumpkins, not sure why but I guess it was just something to do.
Jake wants to push his wagon everywhere. I don't know why but he throws a fit if he's not pushing it around. Stinker

Daddy 'n boys.


Mommy n boys.

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