Monday, November 30, 2009

Fun Weekend with Santa and Trains!

As of lately, things have been a little topsy turvy around here. Two weeks ago, Neal's poor dad fell and broke his back the day of his arrival. He's been in the Hospital and then a rehab center ever since. It was very sad and we hope that he gets better soon. And because Neal was at the hospital so much on his vacation :(, we had to change up our schedule too due to some vehicle arrangements. Then, of course, it was Thanksgiving! The holidays were good to us, but unfortunately it was just Granddad, GG, the boys, A-Lo and me. We were missing some key players so it felt a bit empty. Oh well. Not much happened besides the yumminess of it all, but it was good to dedicate a day to thanks.

So, this weekend seemed like the first time in a while that things seemed to be back to normal. And thankfully, my friend Sheryl from KVIL, invited me and the fam to have breakfast with Santa and ride the North Pole Express. That was a big...DUH! We were so excited and with Neal out of town and sick (bad combo, poor thing) Granddad and GG filled in with enthusiasm.

It was so much fun, and with the boys' recent fascination of trains (anything basically that moves is awesome in their book) it was great timing.

Here we are at the breakfast prior to santa's arrival. Great pic of the grandparents with the buds. At the table behind us was another set of 5 year old twin boys. And then there were also a set of twin gals...all fraternals oddly enough! We just can't seem to shake twins! They're everywhere these days.

After the breakfast, we were ushered off to the pre-North Pole Express show. This was basically a warm up Christmas singing goof led by an obnoxious comedian wanna-be and his adorable little back up dancers. Jake wanted nothing to do with it for the most part, but Jonah was into the show!

Adorable little back up dancers.
Here we are getting on the train! It was really old but super cute...kind of like a rideable antique!
Me and the boys before the train was in motion. Oddly enough, the boys were very sweet and almost quiet on the train.

And just as we got started...we were joined by a surprise visitor!

Surprise Santa!

Sweet photos.
Sweet Jakie

Precious Jonah
The rest of the weekend was pretty great too. The boys had a great dinner later this evening with the grandparents. They even got excited about going to the church nursery. And yesterday afternoon, we made some homemade playdough. That proved both messy and a good filler of about 30 minutes, which in toddler time is awesome.
Good weekend!

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Candace Hickey said...

Ok..that is the coolest...Santa and the Polar Express...looks fun!