Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Sadly, we are without our daddy today. He had to fly out yesterday morning. And the boys have had their daddy around WAY more than usual so this morning (being the first morning absent of dad) the boys noticed! They ran from their room into ours and peeked around corners and even yelled down from the top of the stairs for their dad. It was kind of sad but cute at the same time. They were definately missing someone.

So, we had the next best thing...GRANDDAD!!! (the boys usually yell his name, thus the all caps) And of course, we had GG, Aunt Lo and even Aunt Lissa over too. We had a WONDERFUL cookout of burgers, corn on the cob and asparagus. YUM! And we had the most amazing cheesecake for desert courtesy of one of Aunt Lissa's fellow police officers. Who knew cops were gourmet chefs!

The guys were hillarious chatterboxes!! They were making complete sentences of baby gibberish and clearly both guys had plenty on their minds. GG was floored at how chatty they were. It was precious.

Not much else is new. The guys are still EVERYWHERE!!! It is very frustrating sometimes because I'm always outnumbered and keeping them out of trouble these days is very difficult. They're so smart and have absolutely no fear! And when one gets in trouble for doing something wrong, it seems like the other copies his actions immediately. Jonah, lil stinker, even threw my iPhone in the bath tonight. But then there are times when they just want to cuddle even for a few seconds...and those little moments make my day!

Anyway, sorry you couldn't be here Neal. We wish you could have enjoyed the day with us. And I know the boys missed you!!!

Here are some cute daddy photos for you!!!!
Here's the most recent wrestle-fest! This one took place on the children were hurt in the making of these photos, just fun!
Hi Daddy!

Jakie loves to pin Daddy down. ;)
I just loved how cute this photo is of the boys testing their bath water.
And these are from a photo shoot we had done after their bday. These turned out great! Thank you Macey Hart Photography!!!

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F-C Family said...

Cute pictures! Those airplane outfits are just adorable! Let's get together soon!