Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My gorgeous boys had some SUPER cute V-day shirts that I just thought fit them too well. So, I had to post how cute they were. Our V-day was great. The boys were good. They stayed with Grandma so Mom & Dad could go out on a date!

There are some other photos mixed in of a recent trip to Gloria's with lots of Aunts and Grandparents joining us. I am so thrilled that lately I have been able to get the boys out to restaurants and order some things off the menu for them. I don't know why, that's just exciting for me not to have to carry all these jars of baby food for them. They are great when we go out and I know it's mostly because we don't get out too much and they're just mainly fascinated with everything. It's a lot of work to get the crew out so we do it in moderation.

So the boys have learned in the last 2 weeks how to wave and also how to blow kisses. It is ADORABLE!!! Jake has become quite the bully lately with wanting everything Jonah has. It's been the other way around at times so I hope this is just a short phase. BUT, Jonah seems mostly ok with it...probably because they have a million toys so it's just like "ok, what else..." Anyway, Grandma also said that she heard Jonah say "Bye" this past week and looked over at him to see him waving! Jonah is also very good at throwing his football...which has gotten him so many claps and "yeah's!" that he thinks it's good to throw everything!!! It's pretty cute though. Jake has mastered hiding things he knows he's not supposed to have...which is bad but actually really cute to watch him at work. He thinks he is being sooo sneaky!!! And my favorite thing that he's been doing lately is singing. AHH, it's SO sweet. I'm trying to get it on film to post.

Everyone is good and still healthy. We are very blessed and getting excited about our first birthday! It's hard to believe in two weeks I'll have two one year olds!!!!

I love you guys!

Jake & Aunt Lissa
Jonah in his diner chair
Jake & Grandpa singing
Jonah, GG and Aunt Lissa
Jake & Aunt Lo
Jonah is so cute in his Lover Boy shirt. Yeah, future heartbreaker!


Murray Family said...

way cute! love the shirts!!! The girls point and scream when they see pictures of your boys... its way cute... no matter what we have to get together next time i am in town...

Good luck with the party!!!

F-C Family said...

Cute shirts!
I can't wait for the day we can go out to eat again, that will be so much fun! I'm taking them to an allergy Dr soon, we're hoping they have grown out of their intolerance and that it's not a true allergy.
See you soon!