Friday, October 24, 2008

8 Months old on Monday!

We'll be 8 months old on Monday...hard to believe! We are working on many things and every day presents something new to explore. For example, we're starting to try some new foods that require a little bit of gumming like mango and apple. Jake thought the sound the apple made was HILLARIOUS! (see below...the camera ran out of memory or we would have gone longer) Every time he took a bite he laughed. The boys are SO active. They are pulling up to a stand almost all day long. They love their activity table that Aunt Lissa got us because it's easy to pull up to and it has lots to do. Of course we already know all the songs it plays by heart!
We're already growing out of some of our 6-9 month clothes. The hoodie outfits above fit nicely and are for 9 month olds. Neal and I ordered our toddler car seats so we'll be graduating from our infant seats soon. They love to follow the dog and have therefore discovered how to get to the kitchen...which presents a whole new world of wonders. They have just figured out how to open times await on that front.
Let's see what else. Oh we're getting better at sippy cups. Jake is almost better at drinking out of it without the top than with it. We had our first flu shots last saturday and while we were there we decided to get a weight check. Jake was over 20lbs and Jonah was over 18lbs. Sheesh! What happened to my little babies!?

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F-C Family said...

Wow, the boys are getting big! The video of Jake eating an apple is so cute! They sure are growing up fast.