Friday, October 3, 2008

7 Months Old...and busier than ever!

Well our world is a little nutty lately. Both boys are crazy all over the place crawling and climbing up on everything they can reach. Every day is a new discovery. For example, today Jonah discovered the unique noise you can make running your tongue along the roof of your mouth...while I was trying to put him down for the night. And, Jonah has managed to pull himself up to a stand and then he'll occasionally let go...for a few seconds. He's never too far from something firm to make sure that if he looses his balance, it's not a far fall. Jake on the other hand has found the dog to be hillarious today for no apparent reason. I missed it but his aunt said, "he lost it!" What will they be up to next!?!?! Stay tuned!

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F-C Family said...

Yay Jacob and Jonah! So much fun and busy, busy for mom ;)!