Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Updates on what Jake is up to!

Jake is very close to keeping up with Jonah in the crawling department. Although he's not as great at getting all the limbs to move in a coordinated effort, he is fantastic at the army crawl and thrusting himself forward. He can definately get from A to B. And he just giggles all the time now. OH and he loves to have someone bounce a finger up and down over his lips so that he's making bla bla bla sounds. He even started to figure out how to use his arm to make the sounds when no one has a finger handy! Very resourceful guy!!

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Reed said...

i swear our kids are clones of each other. they seem to do everything the same. I watch your boys and read about them I swear you are talking about the girlfriends. so cute...

Alex, Kaylee & Grace