Monday, July 28, 2008

One year ago & Five Month Birthday

So I realized this weekend as we're celebrating my dad's birthday that this weekend marks the one year anniversary of the discovery of my pregnancy. I will NEVER forget the day I took that test and the shock of realizing that I was pregnant...and I wasn't trying to get pregnant. In fact, I was on bc. I remember that almost as clearly as the sonographer telling us at our first appointment that there are two babies in there. TWO! It is completely shocking and just amazing all at the same time. I feel INCREDIBLY blessed to have two healthy and wonderfully happy baby boys. I am enjoying every minute of their lives and I thank God for the blessing of Children. My father while holding one of the boys this weekend reminded me that children are a gift from God. I know and I'm reminded of it everyday.

At the 5 month mark both boys have been eating cereal once a day before their last feeding. They are gettin much better at eating with a spoon. They seem to (especially Jake) really like it! We are usually taking 6oz of formula/bm at each feeding, still around every 3 hours. For the most part they are sleeping through the night. Jonah has been sttn since 3 months. Jake still gets me up most nights around 5 or 6am. And all he wants to do is nurse a little and go back to sleep. I know this isn't for nourishment but for the comfort of being with mama right now, but I enjoy being with him too so I don't mind it. Since he was a reflux baby, we've been sleeping together for a looong time now, sweet baby. To be honest, I love that he wants and needs me because I know all too soon, he won't. So, for now, I'm ok with getting up so early to go get him.

Both boys are rolling over and have been enjoying laying on their tummies. They usually curl up in a ball on their stomach so that their little hineys are straight up in the air. It's pretty cute. Jake is oh so loud. He even woke his GG up from her nap today. Jonah is much quieter but has his own noises. His noises are really all over the place where as Jake will find a new noise and work on it until he masters it. This week's noise is what his auntie calls "farty face". Something they're also trying to master so hard is sitting straight up. Their other auntie got them some seats this weekend to help them sit straight up; however Jonah is so fascinated with his toes that he still bends over in it. I love that Jonah is so flexible that sometimes he has both a finger and a toe in his mouth!

Jake is getting really good at standing on his weight for longer periods of time (while being held) and his GG swears he knows what up and down mean. Jonah has this adorable new thing he's doing. When I ask him for kisses, he will grab my face and come at me mouth wide open! I know it's probably a coincidence but I like to believe he knows what kisses are. :) He still is such a flirt too! Both boys have completely different smiles but each one can just light up a room and make your entire day.

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